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Groundbreaking Device Fixes Slow Wi-Fi And Exposes Greedy Internet Service Providers
Wednesday, November 22, 2023 | By Sammy Holland
If you’re reading this from a computer or device connected to your home Wi-Fi connection, chances are you’re being ripped off.

Rick Bennett, 52, was frustrated. He had just convinced his boss to let him work from home—a dream he’d had for many years—and was looking forward to the comfortable working environment. But his comfort was to be short-lived.

When he tried pulling up his email, it took five minutes to load. Unacceptable, when you need to be in constant contact with your coworkers throughout the day. Not to mention the list of websites and downloads he needed to access. And that wasn’t even the worst part.

He’d only just upgraded to a better internet package one month before! He knew that he’d need faster speeds if he was going to be working from his 3-bedroom home. Frustrated, he decided to do what any of us would do in his situation.

He called his internet provider and complained. The earliest they could have a technician visit was in 15 days. So Rick put off working from home for another two weeks. Finally, when the day arrived, Rick was in for a surprise.
The technician, Barry (name changed to protect his identity – we know his employer is going to want to know who spilled the beans), came out and “fixed” Rick’s internet, pulling it back up to acceptable speeds. He seemed like a relaxed and friendly guy, so Rick offered him a beer.

“I really shouldn’t, man,” Barry said as he accepted it.

The more Rick and Barry talked, the friendlier they got. And when Rick told him that he was working from home, Barry told him he was just going to have to deal with the same problem again in a few weeks. Rick couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“They give you the speeds you asked for,” Barry said, “at first. But then they throttle the bandwith. They electronically tamper with the router, which is ‘conveniently’ combined with the modem nowadays, so that your internet gets slower over time.”

“How can they do that?” Rick asked. “Can’t you look at how fast your modem is going?”

“Yeah, man. But they split the speed between two channels, so they can tell you you’re getting the same speed. But you’re only using one channel at a time, so really it’s divided in half. It’s all so you buy the next ‘upgrade’ in their package.”

Furious, but not surprised, Rick told Barry that he might as well not even fix it. That he’d be changing providers immediately.

“It’s not gonna help,” Barry said. “They all do it. All the ISPs. If they all do it, they can all get customers that want to ‘upgrade.’ It’s all about profits. It’s ‘The Man,’ man.”

Exasperated, Rick fell back in his chair.

“Is there anything I can do?” He asked, defeated.

Barry finished his beer with a satisfied gulp and went out to his truck, returning with a small white device. He plugged it in the wall and dusted off his hands with a satisfied smirk on his face.
“You didn’t get this from me, man,” he said. “It’s a WiFiBlast. It reconnects the split channels from your router and blasts it across the house. Trust me, man, you’re not gonna have any troubles with speed anymore.”

Rick thanked Barry for the amazing gift. Barry only had one thing to say:

“Thanks for the beer, man.”
Curious about this “WiFiBlast,” we decided to do some research of our own.
Turns out it’s an extremely useful product that extends the range of your WiFi while boosting speeds up to twice as fast, and all you have to do is plug it into the wall. It takes the speed from the different channels coming out of your modem and combines them into one super-fast network, up to 750 Mbps. And the external antennas allow for better, more consistent performance.

It’s great for multi-story homes if your WiFi connection isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be. The connection even extends into the backyard and beyond. And the best part?

It works with ANY WiFi router. So no matter what you already have, it can boost it. You can create 2 WiFi modes, one to boost the existing connection or a new one to use as an access point. And it has an Ethernet port so you can connect your wired devices, like a smart TV. Plus, it protects who has access to it, just like your current router.
This all sounded great. But would it really work? We decided to try it out.
We ordered it online and it arrived two days later. Skeptical, we plugged it in and had it setup in minutes.

Now, we don’t have a two-story home. We own a 2000 square-foot ranch house with a big backyard. So we plugged in the WiFiBlast on one end of the home, and had the family scatter out on their devices.

The online video games were buzzing without any lag, the Netflix binges were going strong, the music was streaming with no audio pauses, and the internet was loading even faster than before. It was unbelievable. Normally, there’s always that complaint coming from somewhere in the house:

“Who’s using the internet?”

But everyone was quietly enjoying their devices and games with top speed and absolutely zero lag.

Every now and then we’re lucky enough to review one of those products that makes life instantly better for us, and we’re always grateful. The WiFiBlast is definitely one of those products. Thanks for the advice, “Barry.”

And thank you, Rick, for giving him the beer.

*Update: Saturday, December 02, 2023* - Ever since the WiFiBlast was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 2 million units. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time first time buyer 50% discount. To see if they are still available, click on the button below.
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Roxi Overo · Tyler, Texas
I got this to extend the Wi-Fi into the far corner of my house. The setup was extremely simple... took me no longer than 4 minutes and I was back to peak speeds.
· Reply · 84 · 10:13 AM
June Zukowski Spelman · Worcester State College
Perfect! This is a simple and cheap item that does EXACTLY what its supposed to. My wifi had to travel through a few walls to get to my bedroom and was quite slow. Now it's just as fast as if I were standing right next to the router!
· Reply · 38 · 5:10 PM
Mandy Simmons · Chicago, Illinois
Such a perfect solution for those of us who get poor internet quality in certain parts of our homes. And it's much better and CHEAPER than running ethernet cables all over your house!
· Reply · 32 · 6:58 AM
Clay Matthew Pirtle · Home Depot
Just simple and amazing experience all around! It was easy to set up, and it pairs quickly with devices. The perfect choice, I'd recommend to all!
· Reply · 43 · 10:22 AM
Gladys Sanford · Worcester State College
It worked right out of the box and has greatly improved the quality of internet range that was lacking from my provider's router. I'm very happy so far, looking forward for video and TV streaming all over the house!
· Reply · 22 · 6:44 PM
Paul Bryant · Ricky J
I bought this to extend wifi into my backyard from an upstairs window, where I had really slow speeds when I was on my phone or laptop while relaxing in the yard. I have to say it works admirably, I can now sit out on my back deck and enjoy streaming my shows in peace!
· Reply · 18 · 7:55 PM
Laura Sylvia · Los Angeles Lakers by Citizen Sports
Just bought 3 more wifi range extenders! 1 for my basement guest room and 2 as gifts to my siblings who are having the same issues as I was with wifi deadspots!
· Reply · 24 · 7:28 AM
Michelle Morandini · Tacoma, Washington
Shipping for this product was super fast so that was a great plus. If you use your internet everyday for school or work, slow speeds speeds can be really detrimental. This completely fixed the issue for me!
· Reply · 24 · 9:48 AM
Ashley Anita · California
My bedroom is the top floor of the house, so the wifi just barely reached, and has a very weak signal. This extender is a life saver. It took maybe 2 minutes to set up and it was good to go! It amplifies the signal perfectly, and I find that it actually makes my wifi faster, as less people are using it!
· Reply · 24 · 11:48 AM
Brad Morgan · New England
This is by far the best wifi extender I have ever used. I have a multi level house and wifi is challenging. Full signal in some parts of the house and in others..there is none. WiFiBlast eliminated those dead spots completely!
· Reply · 24 · 12:15 pM